Promo for Bosquejario–I

featured image showing sketchbook and hands

In 2005 artist Alfredo de Batuc’s life was interrupted by Guillain-Barré syndrome which affects the nervous system. Alfredo was not able to perform the simplest tasks.

Painting and drawing was impossible.

By 2014 after much will and effort, he succeeded in recapturing some of his former abilities.
The drawings in this sketchbook, are the beginning of a new chapter in his work.

Concept by Alfredo de Batuc.
Produced and directed by Beau Daignault.

Music excerpted from “Idea” by Kai Engel
Free Music Archive

A production.

[note, August, 2016: The full length short is temporarily unavailable during film festival screenings. Please visit the “Bosquejario – I” Facebook page for more information.]

By Beau

Painter, designer (print and digital) since the twentieth century.

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