Thirty Years On

The face of a flat file cabinet, showing a column of drawers.
"Help the aged."

Recently, going through a mix of moderately well archived images, and, shoe boxes filled with random c-prints, I hit an early ’90s vein.

One among these ‘documents’, an honest, and frank selfie–or, a self portrait, as we used to call them. I thought “Gee, let’s compare the younger me with the now me with a new selfie.” (Warning! Don’t try this at home! 😉 )

Each image is made with an entry-level camera of its time. One, developed at a photo lab, the other processed on my laptop in Photoshop.

I accept in advance all of your protestations that I, now, don’t look all that bad.

By Beau

Painter, designer (print and digital) since the twentieth century.

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