Thirty Years On

“Help the aged.” Recently, going through a mix of moderately well archived images, and, shoe boxes filled with random c-prints, I hit an early ’90s vein. One among these ‘documents’, an honest, and frank selfie–or, a self portrait, as we used to call them. I thought “Gee, let’s compare the younger me with the now… Continue reading Thirty Years On

Mastodon and Me

A Mastodon social media account I’d created five, or, six years ago (and, long neglected) has again caught my attention. While Twitter may be burning, a lot of folks I know –in real life, and otherwise– are there fiddling away as vine-riddled arches crumble and travertine façades crash to the ground. I’m there too, lurking… Continue reading Mastodon and Me

Harold Rosenberg Quote

The United States today is governed by professional illusionists. Not only are officials elected through campaigns of image-building based on fiction and caricature, but once in office their actions are decided not by anticipating consequences to the nation and/or humanity but by the kind of image those actions will enable them to present to the… Continue reading Harold Rosenberg Quote

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Snowy New Year’s Day

We took a snowy walk in the desert landscape of Oracle State Park (4500 ft) this new Year’s day.

9 Lives by Danielle Levy

“Stories From a Place Called Here” I want to say a few words in support of a book I’ve designed for Inner Life Directions Publishing (, an ‘after-life’ exploration of lives lived well, lives lived poorly, and lives of folk who have lived and learned.