More About “Bosquejario I”

“…A Sketchbook by Alfredo de Batuc” The Los Angeles based painter Alfredo de Batuc asked me to make a short video illustrating his work in a particular sketchbook which, following a debilitating encounter with Guillain-Barré syndrome, marked his

We Need a Little Christmas

When the season gets me down, I put on some cheerful music and thank the stars we still have Jerry Herman and Angela Lansbury. Mame,1966, starring Ms. Lansbury and Bea Arthur. Music and lyrics: Jerry Herman.

Promo for Bosquejario–I

In 2005 artist Alfredo de Batuc’s life was interrupted by Guillain-Barré syndrome which affects the nervous system. Alfredo was not able to perform the simplest tasks.

Disneyland Globe

Recently I was charmed by a friends’ Disneyland 50th Anniversary snow-globe. I shot a snippet of video of the tiny glass sphere on my phone, and later at home was inspired to further edit the video – maybe add a different background and a more appealing audio track.