Disneyland Globe

Recently I was charmed by a friends’ Disneyland 50th Anniversary snow-globe. I shot a snippet of video of the tiny glass sphere on my phone, and later at home was inspired to further edit the video – maybe add a different background and a more appealing audio track.

The original video looked like this:

The edited video:

First, from Adobe Bridge (or, Lightroom), I dragged and dropped the .mov file into Photoshop, creating a new Photoshop document. I selected all of the video layer (by either clicking the video layer in the Timeline panel and typing ‘command+a’, or, by command-clicking the video’s icon in the Layer panel), then went to Edit > Copy Merged. Next, I typed ‘Command + v’, and created a new (raster) layer, but it needed dragging above (and, outside of) the video group.

Screen Shot with Photoshop Layers

With the still image safely apart from the video group, the masking began – all the masking technique details, omitted here. (A later post, perhaps.)

The masked globe.
The masked globe.

I resized the canvas to a landscape orientation, to dimensions more Youtuby than the original phone video. I also needed a new surface on which to place the globe, so I dug up an old snapshot of Dewy Point, and masked out the background clouds.

Rocks Layer with mask
Rocks Layer with mask

Below the rocks layer, I placed a video of turbulent clouds, and we have:

All layers in place.
All layers in place.

With a bit of shadow effect and some Photo and Exposure Filters added, I choose File > Export > Render Video, fiddle with the setting, and I’m ready to take the resulting .mp4 file into Premiere Pro.

In Premiere Pro, I import my assets, being: the Disney Globe .mp4, and two audio tracks (organ track and rain/thunder track).

Really all that remains is to add Adjustment Layers for Spotlight Effect, Lightning Effect, and Strobe Effect. The speed of the video is obviously reduced, and I  trimmed the audio to fit where it was needed, and added some Audio Effects (Fade and Volume) – all done in Premiere Pro. (For more fine tuned audio editing, I typically edit in Audition and output a single audio file.)

premiere pro screen-shot
Premiere Pro screen-shot.

In addition to my own stills and footage, the following sources were used in this project:

“Background Cloud Footage” – by Ryan Mast, https://archive.org/details/TI_Lancaster_Clouds_20060514

“Organ Etude” – by Muhmood, http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Muhmood/Tamara_and_Demon/07_muhmood_-_organ_etude

“Rain and Thunder Field Recording” – by Carl Lierman,

Big high-fives to the Free Music Archive and the Internet Archive.
The Internet Archive, because, as George Santayana wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


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