9 Lives by Danielle Levy

“Stories From a Place Called Here” I want to say a few words in support of a book I’ve designed for Inner Life Directions Publishing (innerlifedirections.com), an ‘after-life’ exploration of lives lived well, lives lived poorly, and lives of folk who have lived and learned.

Meditation: In Pursuit of the Real – book

Recently, a client, Inner Life Directions Publishing, asked that I design a book for e-publication. The brief – being part of a campaign to distribute useful information regarding a particular method of meditation – stipulated output in three formats: Epub, Mobi, and PDF. First thing was to

More About “Bosquejario I”

“…A Sketchbook by Alfredo de Batuc” The Los Angeles based painter Alfredo de Batuc asked me to make a short video illustrating his work in a particular sketchbook which, following a debilitating encounter with Guillain-Barré syndrome, marked his