“Redox,” a new painting

Years ago, I saw a painting by Gustav Caillebotte of people on a steel bridge and I thought “Wow! That feels very modern!” And, for the mid-to-late nineteenth-century it must have been. My latest painting, “Redox,” doesn’t feature a bridge, but bridge-like architectural elements in contrast with eighteenth-century figures. Just disorienting enough to, hopefully, make… Continue reading “Redox,” a new painting

New painting: Secret Secret

All through July, I’ve been working on a new painting, a series of paintings actually. This is the first in the series, “Secret Secret.” 

Scanner Photography

11 years on In the mid aughts, I followed a tip given by a friend – the late Daniel Denk – regarding so-called scanner cameras. Being one who loves to try difficult things, and, finding myself

Goodbye Sailor

Like a jolt of electricity came the news this morning – David Bowie, dead. First Rex Ray, now David Bowie!? C’mon science and medicine!! Cancer totally blows.

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