You’ve heard about the benefits of getting away from the desk, clearing your mind, working better. I’ve been taking time away fromthe computer each hour for a long time now- it works for me.

After going through a variety of kitchen timers, desktop devices and smartphone apps, someone suggested I try the 30/30 app; it is now my favorite reminder tool, so useful, so configurable.

screen-shot of 30/30 timer
screen-shot of 30/30 timer

Of course while on break, I often prepare a cup of tea – I’ve a preset for tea in the app : 2:30 steep time. But, mustn’t fiddle with the phone too much during breaks! Hurts the advantage of the break, don’t you know. Because I work from home, my breaks usually involve gardening, or, a bit of housework.

For an excellent read on the importance of keeping brain-fry at bay and improving your productivity and focus, read this article over at Buffer’s blog.

Do you use a similar app or tool for productivity?

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