Thirty Years On

“Help the aged.” Recently, going through a mix of moderately well archived images, and, shoe boxes filled with random c-prints, I hit an early ’90s vein. One among these ‘documents’, an honest, and frank selfie–or, a self portrait, as we used to call them. I thought “Gee, let’s compare the younger me with the now… Continue reading Thirty Years On

My first cyanotype print

Something new from out of the blue Yesterday I looked out the window at my yard (sand, mesquite, aloe, chaparral, nopal) and saw the sun had back-lit a small cactus and it struck me as “pretty.” Phone in hand, I went out to see what I could get.

New photo series

Driving around, I’ve noticed a lot of signs, many of which are just plain ol’ broken. Fragments of long gone enterprises.