Blue Skies

Driving down the highway, I was irritated by the jazz station playing so much smooth jazz. As I was reaching to change the station, Ella came on and scatted Blue Skies.

She crushes it.

What unfettered creativity! What art! She even slips in some Gershwin, and other references I’m unable to identify. The song, by Irving Berlin, had been a standard for thirty years when Ella recorded it.
Once the song had played out, it seemed as if all my troubles had lifted. I saw only blue skies. Now, to my mind, a block of smooth jazz in exchange for a drop of the real thing is not an unreasonable trade.

Could this be the ‘new normal’ slipping in, am I willing to to swallow a cup of crap for a drop of gold?
Anyway, there’s always the power switch 😉

By Beau

Painter, designer (print and digital) since the twentieth century.

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