New painting: Secret Secret

All through July, I’ve been working on a new painting, a series of paintings actually. This is the first in the series, “Secret Secret.” 

My first cyanotype print

Something new from out of the blue Yesterday I looked out the window at my yard (sand, mesquite, aloe, chaparral, nopal) and saw the sun had back-lit a small cactus and it struck me as “pretty.” Phone in hand, I went out to see what I could get.

Notes on Illustration

Materials old and new I’ve been preparing illustrations for publication since the early eighties. Back in the day, materials used were typically pencil and ink on paper. Today, when producing for the web I frequently start

Meditation: In Pursuit of the Real – book

Recently, a client, Inner Life Directions Publishing, asked that I design a book for e-publication. The brief – being part of a campaign to distribute useful information regarding a particular method of meditation – stipulated output in three formats: Epub, Mobi, and PDF. First thing was to

More About “Bosquejario I”

“…A Sketchbook by Alfredo de Batuc” The Los Angeles based painter Alfredo de Batuc asked me to make a short video illustrating his work in a particular sketchbook which, following a debilitating encounter with Guillain-Barré syndrome, marked his